Meet the people constantly working behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, and all the spaces in between to get our amazing shows produced!

Council of Five

Courtney LeJeune

Courtney is a saucy minx who knows how to have a good time.  If it weren’t for her, many RAP members would still be trying to figure out how to integrate basic functions.  In her spare time, you can find Courtney brushing up on her badminton or experimenting with different types of cheeses.



Whitney Zangarine

Whitney is a fourth year BA Theatre student at the University of Texas.  She has been with the Round About Players since 2005, and has them to thank for such memorable moments as exposing herself onstage, being chased with oversized sausages, and being stuck in limbo for sticking a baby in a bathtub.  As of right now, she is undauntingly fighting for her right to party…um, act in this year’s production of Into the Woods.  She enjoys the finer things in life, like macaroni and the french subtitles of Finding Nemo.

Liann Herder

Liann was found wondering about a forest one fall evening, 2005, by one Jay Asterman.  He thought her resemblance to the fairy Puck was shocking (and disturbing) and immediately plucked her from the elvish wonderland to fulfill that vision.  She has been a wild Round About ever since, frolicking, singing, and occasionally, actually acting in RAP shows.  She enjoys eating hamburgers and macaroni and cheese and watching Doctor Who.  Also, she’s really into all that acting business.  Going to do it professionally and all that jazz.


Thomas Sallier

Thomas is finishing his last year as an Undergrad at UT majoring in Government (Political Theory) and Philosophy, and will soon be traveling free as a bird to wherever his future Law School may be.  He will then sell his soul and heart to become “The Man”, and will spend the rest of his days helping corporations buy orphanages to build parking lots.  While in RAP he has worn women’s clothing on several occasions, justified Medieval Reaganomics, and currently serves as the General Overhead Secretary of Offensive Materials and Misconduct.  He also enjoys algorithms and derivatives, though he refuses to use his powers for good like those sellouts Courtney and Loren.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, marksman spork shooting, and Western Imperialism.

TJ Sharp

TJ is a 4th year BFA Theatre Studies major who plans to start teaching high school theatre in fall 2009.  He joined the Round About Players in 2007 and, due to his unbridled ambition and bouts of violent insanity joined the Council of Five the next year.  He directed his first show, Cannibal! The Musical, with the Round About Players in Spring 2008. However, due to a hectic school schedule, his current role with RAP has become somewhat of an unofficial advisor and nay-sayer.  While not at school or working with the Round About Players, TJ tries to figure out how to make superpowers from radioactive waste.


Loren Grush

Loren is a third year Broadcast Journalism and Government major who likes to pretend that she’s a Theater major.  She got involved with her first RAP show, Radio Static, her Freshman year, and has stuck with the troupe ever since.  When she’s not onstage, you can find her in the bowels of the CMC, trying to edit video footage before her deadlines are up. Other things Loren likes: filming, singing, piano, tennis, freestyle walking, differential equations, and black olives.

Guest Director

Diego Larrea

Diego Larrea received his Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin. He is thrilled to be working with the Round About Players once again. He joined the Round Abouts in 2004 with the original Laughing Out Loud and has enjoyed working on great shows with RAP. Diego plays tennis, golf, and writes in his spare time.


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